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Affordable Merch Options for Your Hobby

Affordable Merch Options for Your Hobby

What’s your hobby? Do you like to watch movies, anime or TV series? Prefer to occupy your free time with activities such as cooking, gardening or baking? For whatever kind of hobby you may have be it something to do indoors or something that’s more of an outside kind of thing, show your love for it through custom-made items such as clothing and personal accessories.

You can perhaps buy such things ready-made from the hobby stores near you. However, the prices displayed aren’t typically budget-friendly. If money isn’t an issue for you then go ahead and splurge to your heart’s content. But, if you’re like most of us who need to save up for potentially rainy days, then the best option for you is to create your own custom merchandise.

Where to Customise?

Nowadays, there are lots of places you can go to in order to make your own personalised merch. If you choose to do so at a local store nearby, that’s fine as long as the price is affordable. Though, it’d be much easier if you just did it online as you don’t have to waste gas money (if you’re driving) or tire yourself out from the drive to and back from the store which depending on the store’s service could require you to do so multiple times.

Online alone there are so many websites to choose from that’ll allow you to custom-design your own gifts, items, and accessories. The benefit of creating a custom-made design for your hobby is that it’s undeniably convenient since you can do it from basically anywhere and the only thing you’ll really need is a good Wi-Fi connection. What’s more, if you choose the right website, you’ll even be able to create a personalised item at a much cheaper price than if you were to do it at a mall or gift store.

What to Customise?

Now, on to the question of what to customise. Most likely, you already have an idea of what to custom-design for your hobby. Though, if you’re still on the fence about what item would be good to display your interest on, below are some items that would make great custom-made gift items either for yourself or for your loved ones.

1. Custom Photo Mugs

If you enjoy drinking out of a mug be it for hot or cold drinks then this is the item for you. Onto the plain mug, you can print out any sort of image, text or artwork. For instance, if your hobby is related to baking, you can print out the words “I’m a whisk taker” along with an image of a whisk. Or, if you’re a tea lover, you can just print out the words “You’re my cup of tea”.

2. Custom T-Shirt Designs

Who here doesn’t wear t-shirts on a daily basis? Even if it’s not your usual choice of clothes for outings, you’ll still wear it at home. There’s a reason why nearly everyone in the entire world owns t-shirts and if you still need to ask why then you must be part of the one percent or even less than one percent of the population who don’t own t-shirts. So custom-create a wonderful design for this comfortable and essential piece of clothing with stylish images or funny quotes such as “I’ve got 99 problems but cooking ain’t one”. For anime lovers out there, you can print your favorite anime quotes or even their picture.

3. Custom-Printed Bags 

Just like t-shirts, bags are present in practically every aspect of our lives. We use them for school, work, outings, shopping, and lots more. Therefore, customise this indispensable item with a famous quote from a movie you love. Or, if your hobby is gardening, print onto it the words “I love gardening, from my head tomatoes”. For something slightly more scandalous, just a midge though, you can print out “I like it when you talk dirt to me”.

Effective Corporate Branding Ideas

Effective Corporate Branding Ideas

Setting up a business is by no means an easy task. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration such as where the business will be located, the employees to hire, the cost for all that and more. But before actually forking out the money for all those things, business owners should take the time to properly think of their brand identity and how they want to present themselves to their prospective customers and clients.

In ‘Branding an Office: What, Why, and How’, everything that one needs to know about corporate branding can be found there. As the article explains the concept of corporate brand identity very simply, one can easily grasp what it is all about without incurring a major headache.

Since you can just refer to that article for the basics of corporate identity and branding, here, we’ll be providing you with several corporate branding strategies that’ll get your company’s brand out there without causing you to spend a fortune. Interested? You should be since you’ll need all the help you can get to make your start-up business on par or at least have a fighting chance against all the other competing businesses out there.

1. Logo

Although this point may seem obvious to everyone, we’ll still mention it since without a doubt it is one of the most important things to consider for any type of business be it food-related, product-related or even service-related. The company logo can be described as the face of the company.

Through it, the general public which is comprised of potential clients, consumers, etc., can identify the company’s products or services. That is why careful consideration is needed in creating the perfect logo for any company. A good logo is easily recognisable and can be distinguished from the many others out there (such as Nike, KFC, Guess), whereas a bad logo design is the complete opposite of that which makes it easily forgettable.

2. Packaging

If your company is in the food or product-related sector, the packaging for it plays a key part in imparting your brand identity. For, even if your food or product is exceptionally delicious or well-made, if the outer packaging is not up to par and cannot be distinguished from the many other packages in the market, then that’s of no help to your corporate branding.

How then are your consumers going to distinguish your products from the competitors? So make a lasting impression on them by making sure that your packaging is above the rest. Whether you choose to use recycled products or use the many different shades of colour to your advantage, anything is fine as long as you manage to impress.

3. Advertising

Advertising is such a broad term, don’t you think? This is because that one word can encompass so many things. From billboard advertising to television, radio, print, etc. In terms of office branding, we’d like to focus on how you can advertise your brand, company, products or service in a cost-effect and successful way.

You can start off by designing your office in such a way so that it reflects your brand. For example, if your company’s logo makes use of a certain colour or design, make sure that the colour or design is frequently displayed throughout your office. It can be displayed on the walls, on your employees’ work desks or even on your employees themselves (stylish work t-shirts). This physical display of corporate identity design doesn’t just serve to reinforce the image of your company’s brand towards the consumers but it also helps to provide motivation for your employees.

What we’ve covered here doesn’t really describe in full the many other ways one can effectively create corporate branding for their company. But if we were to go on, we’d be here all day and so would you. That’s alright though for as long as you understand the fundamentals of it then all is good. Find other types of products for your office branding by exploring Printcious’ online gift shop.

Simple Activities that Help to Save the Environment

Simple Activities that Help to Save the Environment

Have you ever seen what earth looks like from space? Although you might not be an astronaut or have access to a private rocket of your own, you can easily see what it looks like by simply googling it on the web. Thanks to the advancement of technology, everything is made simpler. But that’s not what we’ll be focusing on today. What we’ll be focusing on is the types of simple weekly or even daily activities one can partake in so as to keep our earth blue and green all around.

1. Recycle

The most obvious activity of all is of course to recycle. There’s even a saying that goes ‘Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle’. According to this, the first step one needs to take is to reduce the amount of plastic used in their daily life. For instance, if you’re used to drinking coffee daily, instead of drinking them from the plastic cups, bring your own coffee drink tumbler or beverage travel mug. This then brings us along to the next point which is to reuse. Since you might have already bought something to eat or drink which was nicely contained in a plastic container or cup, you can opt to reuse it.

Although, it’s important to take note of the number of times such containers can be reused before they become unfit for use. This can usually be seen by taking a look at the bottom of the container. And last but certainly not least is to recycle. You’ve used the plastic containers for a certain number of times already, and so they are no longer suitable for use. What’s left is to recycle it. But don’t just lump it in with the other types of trash such as disposable ones made up of leftover food, make sure to segregate your trash accordingly.

2. Community Cleanup

During the weekend, round-up your family members, friends, neighbours, heck even acquaintances and clean up your surroundings. To motivate them, get matching custom t-shirt designs made especially for the cleaning activity. You don’t even need to venture far. The area surrounding your house will do just fine. But if you’re feeling magnanimous, go ahead and clean up the Neighbourhood Park or playground. It might be slightly more tiring than cleaning up just your housing area but it’ll definitely be worth it in the end.

3. River Cleanup

Water pollution is certainly an important concern and as such, it’d be a good idea to clean up the nearby rivers and streams. It might seem like a big operation at first that needs a lot of equipment, time, and effort, but if you do it together with your loved ones and also with the surrounding community, it’ll be a cinch to complete. Besides, imagine how much better you’ll feel walking next to a clean body of water instead of a polluted, smelly, and murky one.

Here, we’ve listed three types of activities that you can partake in alone or with a group of people which will help keep your surroundings clean and pollution-free. Of course, there are many other activities one can do that’ll also help to protect the environment. Some activities such as using eco-friendly shopping bags may seem insignificant but they truly do help a lot. So do your part today by either getting rid of unnecessary plastic ware or simply by advocating the use of environmentally friendly materials and products. Every little bit helps to keep our earth green and great!