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Effective Corporate Branding Ideas -

Setting up a business is by no means an easy task. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration such as where the business will be located, the employees to hire, the cost for all that and more. But before actually forking out the money for all those things, business owners should take the time to properly think of their brand identity and how they want to present themselves to their prospective customers and clients.

In ‘Branding an Office: What, Why, and How’, everything that one needs to know about corporate branding can be found there. As the article explains the concept of corporate brand identity very simply, one can easily grasp what it is all about without incurring a major headache.

Since you can just refer to that article for the basics of corporate identity and branding, here, we’ll be providing you with several corporate branding strategies that’ll get your company’s brand out there without causing you to spend a fortune. Interested? You should be since you’ll need all the help you can get to make your start-up business on par or at least have a fighting chance against all the other competing businesses out there.

1. Logo

Although this point may seem obvious to everyone, we’ll still mention it since without a doubt it is one of the most important things to consider for any type of business be it food-related, product-related or even service-related. The company logo can be described as the face of the company.

Through it, the general public which is comprised of potential clients, consumers, etc., can identify the company’s products or services. That is why careful consideration is needed in creating the perfect logo for any company. A good logo is easily recognisable and can be distinguished from the many others out there (such as Nike, KFC, Guess), whereas a bad logo design is the complete opposite of that which makes it easily forgettable.

2. Packaging

If your company is in the food or product-related sector, the packaging for it plays a key part in imparting your brand identity. For, even if your food or product is exceptionally delicious or well-made, if the outer packaging is not up to par and cannot be distinguished from the many other packages in the market, then that’s of no help to your corporate branding.

How then are your consumers going to distinguish your products from the competitors? So make a lasting impression on them by making sure that your packaging is above the rest. Whether you choose to use recycled products or use the many different shades of colour to your advantage, anything is fine as long as you manage to impress.

3. Advertising

Advertising is such a broad term, don’t you think? This is because that one word can encompass so many things. From billboard advertising to television, radio, print, etc. In terms of office branding, we’d like to focus on how you can advertise your brand, company, products or service in a cost-effect and successful way.

You can start off by designing your office in such a way so that it reflects your brand. For example, if your company’s logo makes use of a certain colour or design, make sure that the colour or design is frequently displayed throughout your office. It can be displayed on the walls, on your employees’ work desks or even on your employees themselves (stylish work t-shirts). This physical display of corporate identity design doesn’t just serve to reinforce the image of your company’s brand towards the consumers but it also helps to provide motivation for your employees.

What we’ve covered here doesn’t really describe in full the many other ways one can effectively create corporate branding for their company. But if we were to go on, we’d be here all day and so would you. That’s alright though for as long as you understand the fundamentals of it then all is good. Find other types of products for your office branding by exploring Printcious’ online gift shop.