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Simple Activities that Help to Save the Environment -

Have you ever seen what earth looks like from space? Although you might not be an astronaut or have access to a private rocket of your own, you can easily see what it looks like by simply googling it on the web. Thanks to the advancement of technology, everything is made simpler. But that’s not what we’ll be focusing on today. What we’ll be focusing on is the types of simple weekly or even daily activities one can partake in so as to keep our earth blue and green all around.

1. Recycle

The most obvious activity of all is of course to recycle. There’s even a saying that goes ‘Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle’. According to this, the first step one needs to take is to reduce the amount of plastic used in their daily life. For instance, if you’re used to drinking coffee daily, instead of drinking them from the plastic cups, bring your own coffee drink tumbler or beverage travel mug. This then brings us along to the next point which is to reuse. Since you might have already bought something to eat or drink which was nicely contained in a plastic container or cup, you can opt to reuse it.

Although, it’s important to take note of the number of times such containers can be reused before they become unfit for use. This can usually be seen by taking a look at the bottom of the container. And last but certainly not least is to recycle. You’ve used the plastic containers for a certain number of times already, and so they are no longer suitable for use. What’s left is to recycle it. But don’t just lump it in with the other types of trash such as disposable ones made up of leftover food, make sure to segregate your trash accordingly.

2. Community Cleanup

During the weekend, round-up your family members, friends, neighbours, heck even acquaintances and clean up your surroundings. To motivate them, get matching custom t-shirt designs made especially for the cleaning activity. You don’t even need to venture far. The area surrounding your house will do just fine. But if you’re feeling magnanimous, go ahead and clean up the Neighbourhood Park or playground. It might be slightly more tiring than cleaning up just your housing area but it’ll definitely be worth it in the end.

3. River Cleanup

Water pollution is certainly an important concern and as such, it’d be a good idea to clean up the nearby rivers and streams. It might seem like a big operation at first that needs a lot of equipment, time, and effort, but if you do it together with your loved ones and also with the surrounding community, it’ll be a cinch to complete. Besides, imagine how much better you’ll feel walking next to a clean body of water instead of a polluted, smelly, and murky one.

Here, we’ve listed three types of activities that you can partake in alone or with a group of people which will help keep your surroundings clean and pollution-free. Of course, there are many other activities one can do that’ll also help to protect the environment. Some activities such as using eco-friendly shopping bags may seem insignificant but they truly do help a lot. So do your part today by either getting rid of unnecessary plastic ware or simply by advocating the use of environmentally friendly materials and products. Every little bit helps to keep our earth green and great!